Why you should consider becoming a guest! 

Why you should consider becoming a guest! 

According to ABC's Podcast Survey in 2018, there's a growing number of podcast listeners. On top of that, the existing podcast listeners are listening to more podcasts! 


This means, by becoming our guest, you'll be: 

  • Driving more traffic to your social media channels 

  • Increasing awareness of your personal and/or professional brand

  • Able to tell your story or send an important message to more people 

  • Raising your profile in the social media space 

We believe that, as doctors, we can connect with each other by sharing stories

Please be our Guest


As our valued podcast guest, you'll receive

  • A dedicated page on our website for your episode 

  • A photo of yourself (of your choosing) published on the page

  • All your social media links published on the page 

  • A shoutout on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages about your episode 

  • BONUS: one throwback post about your episode on our social media channels

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