I first found Simon through a Facebook group for doctors. He was recruiting doctors for his survey on doctor's wellbeing. His aim was to build an app to help doctors with stress, burnout and general wellbeing, and hopefully improve the work culture in medicine. 


In this interview, Simon talks about why he chose Psychiatry as his career. He also spoke about supporting his wife, Eva, whilst she underwent breast cancer treatment and looking after two young children at the same time.


Simon was very honest and unafraid to be vulnerable in the telling of his story, a wonderful thing that not enough doctors do. I hope that you find Simon's story as inspiring as I have. I also hope that this podcast episode will encourage us, junior doctors, to talk more openly about our struggles and issues. I believe that the first step of effecting change is to start a conversation about it. 

If you would like to follow Simon or connect with him, you can do so via the following links: 






Simon also wanted to share the link to his previous blog where he documented his experience of juggling work and supporting his family during Eva's breast cancer treatment:




P.S. I apologise for the poor audio quality. I was still learning how to record phone interviews at the time.  


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