I wasn't always a big believer in "mindfulness". As a medical student, I brushed it off as something that only "weak" people required to get through their medical career - Boy was I wrong! Yes, I first turned to mindfulness at a time of crisis in my personal and career life but after I got over that speed bump, I continued with mindfulness practices and exercises. I found that it is an important tool in keeping me mentally sharp and focused at work. It helps prevent me from becoming burnt out. 


I am in no way claiming to be a mindfulness guru nor am I preaching that everyone absolutely must do it. I have, however, benefited so much from it that I feel it's a crime not to share. I first met Dr Ira van der Steenstraten at one of her mindfulness programs. So when I was planning this podcast episode, I immediately thought of her as the interview guest. 


Ira is a psychiatrist from Amsterdam who is passionate about preventing burnout among doctors. Using mindfulness techniques, Ira has in the past helped many of her chronic pain patients back in The Netherlands. She is currently based in Australia and assuming multiple roles. In addition to being the presenter for Resilience on the Run, Ira runs her own life coaching business and is currently the Vice President of Queensland Medical Women's Society (QMWS). 


If you'd like to get in touch with Ira head to http://www.breezelifecoaching.com


If you'd like to learn more about QMWS and about the support they provide for female doctors, check out:



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